P3C Roundtable Discussions (Government and Public Agencies)

From 11:00 am – 12:15 pm on Tuesday, there will be a series of interactive roundtable conversations on ten different P3 topics. Each conversation will run about 20 minutes, and during the 75 minutes session, you’ll have time to sit in on 3 different conversations.  Attendees are invited to sit in on any topic of interest, and new discussions will start every half hour.

The roundtables are meant to be fun, candid exchanges where participants can ask their questions, share experiences, and network. Presenters will guide discussions by bringing up case studies, targeted issues, and topics impacting the current P3 landscape. During the roundtable you’ll get to meet others attending the conference who are focused on the similar issues and challenges, and we hope you enjoy these opportunity to interact and share perspectives.

Participant Guidelines:

  • Table numbers for each topic can be found in this guide, the printed event guide, and on signage in the room. Tables will have seating capacity for 24 people.
  • Consider bringing plenty of business cards. You could find yourself meeting as many as 100 new people during the session.
  • Attendees can explore the Hall and select their first table as early as 9:15 am. Conversations will begin formally at 9:35 am with a loud bell ring. Presenters will have 20 minutes for in-depth presentation and discussion.
  • 2 minutes before the end of a discussion a bell will ring to indicate 2 minutes are left, and that Presenters should wind down their conversations.
  • After 20 minutes, you are to select a new table. If seating is not available at a table, please select another table and then try back for the next conversation.
  • Presenters will speak again with the new group of attendees, starting a new discussion approximately 5 minutes after the prior discussions break.
  • During the Roundtable Session, there will be time for 3 different conversations. There is time in between topics to get coffee, water, or use the restroom outside the ballroom.

Topic will be released online in February.