What’s Stopping Public Officials From Launching P3s

P3s are relatively new to many government officials in the United States.  The P3 approach is highly complex and easily misunderstood.  How do we bridge the knowledge gap between public and private sector officials?  What concerns and misconceptions are keeping public sector officials from pursuing more infrastructure projects thorough the P3 delivery method?

These are but a few of the questions and issues that will be discussed in this very pragmatic and informative plenary discussion.  Too often, government officials and private sector firms have different perspectives and communication is difficult at best.  These obstacles can be overcome but before P3 projects become the norm in the U.S., both parties must be better informed, more trusting and able to communicate openly. Public Private Partnerships are too nebulous at the moment and that must change.


  • George Burgess. Former Miami-Dade County Manager, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Becker & Poliakoff LLP
  • Norman Dong, Commissioner, Public Buildings Service
  • Mary Scott Nabers, President and CEO, Strategic Partnerships, Inc.
  • David Spector, Director of the High Performance Transportation Enterprise, The Colorado Department of Transportation