To P3 or Not to P3: Identifying the Appropriate Project Delivery Model

Not every project can or should be delivered as a P3. Before initiating procurement for a P3 project, public agencies typically undertake a business case analysis to determine whether a P3 is likely to yield higher public benefit than a more traditional procurement method. As the US P3 industry develops, public agencies have had to adapt international evaluation methods to fit US market characteristics and regulatory requirements. How are US public agencies going about determining the optimal delivery model for their projects? Presenters from leading public agencies in the US will discuss their pre-procurement methods, share the status of their P3 projects, and ponder the applicability of P3 methods to major categories of infrastructure projects currently in the pipeline in the US.


  • Diane Barrett, Chief Projects Officer, Office of Mayor Michael B. Hancock, City and County of Denver
  • Rex Bush, Assistant Chief Engineer for Pre-Construction, Alabama DOT
  • Jay Hesley, Chief of Staff, University of Minnesota Rochester
  • José Luis Moscovich, Executive Vice President, Project Finance Advisory
  • Robert Slockbower, Program Director, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Kelly Leid, Executive Director, North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, Mayor’s Office
    City and County of Denver