Making the Partnership Work: Implementing PPPs

When a PPP contract is signed with a private party, the work of the partnership begins, and both private and public parties have to live up to their responsibilities. PPP contracts attempt to identify and plan for the potential events that could occur during the life of the PPP but can rarely imagine all events into the future. Consequently, developing a strong and trustful partnership and a solid contract management approach is important to achieve the long-term objectives of the PPP. This stage spans the life of the PPP agreement beginning when the PPP contract is signed until the partnership ends. This module presents the fundamentals and challenges of contract management, enforcing the PPP contract requirements and, potentially, renegotiating or terminating contracts.


  • Brian Cullen, President, PERC Water
  • Bill Hale, Chief Engineer, TxDOT
  • Robert Hinkle, Corporate Affairs Director, NTE Mobility Partners & LBJ Infrastructure Group
  • Mark McClenaghna, Director, P3 Operations Americas, Johnson Controls
  • Seth Merewitz, Partner, Best, Best & Krieger, LLP