What are Infrastructure Exchanges and What Role Do They Play in the P3 Market

Regional Infrastructure Exchanges / Accelerators are becoming increasingly active participants in P3 discussions.  These organizations are working to improve public understanding of the P3 model and lay the groundwork for a pipeline of successful P3 projects.  This panel will describe the recent experiences of the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange, the Intermountain Infrastructure Exchange and others with an emphasis on their efforts to date, their goals, and lessons learned.

In addition to the topics in the description, we’d also explore the following themes as we talk about the niche these organizations can fill—e.g.

  • The need for honest brokers of information.
  • How exchanges can complement Centers of Expertise
  • Identifying projects that, but for regional exchanges, may not be realized.
  • How we engage with both the public and private sector
  • P3 messaging with the public / how and why we’re increasingly using the term “Performance-Based Infrastructure” instead


  • Korin Crawford, FUSE Executive Fellow, Office of the City Administrative Officer
  • Judson Greif, Government Affairs Analyst, K&L Gates
  • Donald Hunt, Executive Director, Intermountain Infrastructure Exchange
  • Jonathan Trutt, Executive Director, West Coast Infrastructure Exchange