Public Water Infrastructure P3 Case Studies

The University of North Carolina Environment Finance Center, working in conjunction with the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (WCX), recently spearheaded a series of case studies of North American P3s in the water sector.  The case studies focused on questions such as cost savings, risk transfer, and labor issues.  For example:  When compared to traditional Design-Bid-Build (DBB) or Design-Build (DB) methods, do P3s structured as DBOMs or DBFOMs lead to lower construction, operating and maintenance costs?  Qualitatively, do they lead to better asset management and long-term upkeep? What are the factors that influence the viability and performance of these options?  This session will highlight the key findings from the case studies and discuss the relevance of those findings to the water sector generally.


  • Russell Dykstra, Partner, Spencer Fane LLP
  • Eric Petersen, Partner, Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP
  • Carol Rosenfeld, Senior Finance Analyst, Environmental Finance Center, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Jonathan Trutt, Executive Director, West Coast Infrastructure Exchange