How We Are Making P3s Work For Us

There is a lot of noise in the industry about the definition of a P3.  Some argue it’s only a P3 if the deal is structured as a DBFOM using availability payments. Others would argue that a P3 requires a lease/leaseback structure.  Some say these deals only make sense in the US if they use tax exempt finance and others argue to the contrary.  This session is designed to help a public entity considering P3 structures navigate through this confusion and understand the core components of various types of P3’s currently underway in the U.S. and their respective benefits. The session will feature a panel of public entities who are currently involved in executing P3’s, each of which is using a different deal structure. Through a facilitated discussion about these projects the audience will learn specific elements of the P3 structures currently in use and how to evaluate the merits and risks of these structures against other types of P3’s and traditional non-P3 development.


  • Bob Hunt, Group Managing Director, Public Institutions, JLL
  • Jeff Graham, Executive Director of Real Estate, University of California, San Diego
  • Chuck Haines, Director of Budget and Planning, University of Santa Barbara
  • Graeme Mitchell, Assistant Vice President, Facilities, University of the Pacific
  • John Gormley, Director of Planning, Design & Construction, CSU Channel Islands