Winning P3 Formulas for Water Infrastructure Projects

For more information on P3 and Water Systems, attend our P3 Water Summit May 4 -5, 2017 in San Diego, Ca.

P3s are moving up the agenda in the North American water market but the definition of what a P3 can be mixed and confusing.  This session navigates through the confusion by outlining some of the core components of various types of water P3’s currently underway in the U.S.  Join a panel of public and private industry participants as they discuss the state of the US water infrastructure market and the basics of public-private partnerships.  Presenters will highlight the challenges, successes and lessons learned in procuring water P3s.


  • Patrick Cairo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, United Water, Suez Environment North America
  • Michael Deane, Executive Director, National Association of Water Companies
  • Bill Malarkey, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Market Development, Severn Trent
  • Steve Meininger, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Operations Management Services, CH2M
  • Mark Strauss, Senior Vice President, Business Development, American Water