Getting Convention Hotel Deals Done – Pitfalls, Advice, and Lessons Learned

This session brings together a panel of public sector officials and their development advisors. We’ll discuss what some of the biggest challenges are to executing convention hotel development projects and ways to address these potential problems. Some questions the panelists will discuss: To RFP or Not to RFP?; Public Financing vs. Private Financing; What Hurdles Prevent Deals from Getting Done?;Lessons Learned from Public Sector Officials


  • Dawn Bookhardt, Vice Chair of the MSU Denver Board of Trustees, Founding Partner of Bookhardt & O’Toole
  • Hans Detlefsen, MPP, MAI, President, Hotel Appraisers & Advisors
  • Paul Kratz, City Attorney, City of Omaha
  • Troy Schulte, City Manager, Kansas City
  • Bob Swerdling, Principal, Swerdling & Associates