Creating the “Glue” to Make Sports-Entertainment-Restaurant Districts Stick

City leaders and developers have learned that single-purpose “silver bullet” projects are no panacea. Instead, many ingredients need to be developed to create a truly compelling environment — whether in a large downtown area or a small suburban city center. How have cities and developers worked together to create such attractive districts that have a constant buzz? How have sports facilities become flexible entertainment zones? How do cities avoid that “chain” restaurant feeling and become authentic? How is this paid for? Learn from multiple case studies in small, medium and large cities from those who are designing, planning, developing and making the numbers work. You will know what to avoid and leave the session armed with a clear to-do list.


  • Rob Hunden, President, Hunden Strategic Partners
  • Maura Allen Gast, Executive Director, Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Michael Morris, Principal, Cana Development