A Template for Instilling Confidence in the Procurement Process

To attract P3 consortium partners (developers, investors, contractors and service professionals), the public sector must instill confidence in the procurement process and house the necessary expertise to support a pipeline of P3 projects. One way to do this is through a dedicated institutional framework designed to manage and guide programs and projects. An example of such a centralized framework is the P3 Center of Excellence in Texas. A panel of public and private participants involved with the Texas Infrastructure Council will discuss best practices and lessons learned in the formation and implementation of the center. As more states enact P3 legislation, such centralized resources will be increasingly important in the creation of successful Metropolitan Area Public-Private Partnerships [MAP3].


  • Samuel Franco, Director, Center for Alternative Finance and Procurement Texas Facilities Commission
  • Rodney Moss, Senior Vice President, Aon
  • Timothy Merriweather, Executive Director, Texas Infrastructure Council
  • John Parkinson, Executive Director, AIAI – Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure
  • Charles Renner, Partner, Husch Blackwell