The State of the U.S. P3 Market

This session is a cross-sector open forum discussion on the US alternative finance and delivery market.

Discussion and debate will focus on:

  • An overview of the current federal, state and municipal p3/p4 markets. And a look at the current market status: anemic, robust or a matter of definition?
  • Is the industry erring by pivoting to “imported” project finance models (like DBFOM)? Why are non-imported P3 models so often overlooked by industry watchers?
  • Are concessionary finance mechanisms (such as TIFIA, PABs, etc.) helping or hurting the case for P3?
  • Is industry rhetoric pushing public authorities and other stakeholders away from P3?
  • Sector-specific challenges and opportunities for P3 and other forms of Alternative Finance & Delivery
  • Forecasting the future of the US P3 and Alternative Finance Industry


  • Jill Jamieson, Managing Director, JLL Public Institutions