Carlos Rubinstein

Senior Advisor

Poseidon Water

Carlos Rubinstein

Rubinstein is a Senior Adviser to Poseidon Water.

Rubinstein served as chairman of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) from
2013-2015. He also served as the Texas representative to the Western States Water
Council, and the Border Governors’ Conference Sustainable Development worktable.

Rubinstein served as a commissioner of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
(TCEQ) from 2009–2013.

Rubinstein is a former member of the Texas Environmental Flows Advisory Group, the
Governmental Advisory Committee, which advises the EPA Administrator on
environmental concerns regarding NAFTA, the North American Agreement on
Environmental Cooperation; and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and of
the Good Neighbor Environmental Board, an independent federal advisory committee
that assists the president and Congress on environmental infrastructure needs along the
U.S. border with Mexico. He has also served as deputy executive director of TCEQ and as
Rio Grande Watermaster. He is a former city manager for the City of Brownsville.

Rubinstein received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Pan American University