Graeme Mitchell

Assistant Vice President, Facilities

University of the Pacific

Graeme Mitchell

Prior to coming to Pacific, Mr. Mitchell was the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Strategic Facilties Planning at the University of California Merced.  Prior to joining UC Merced, Mr. Mitchell served as Vice President of Corporate Engineering and Operations for New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP).  Mr. Mitchell is a Higher Education and Healthcare Executive who brings over 35 years of experience to his position, including over 22 years working in some of the Nation’s top Universities and Medical Centers; including the Columbia University Medical Center, the Weill Cornell University Medical Center, and at UCLA where over his 18 years he served as Executive Officer and Manager and as the Director of Health System Facilities Engineering and Construction.  Mr. Mitchell has been responsible for leading and overseeing corporate-level executive services including: Campus master planning; energy policies; sustainability, engineering; regulatory compliance; transportation, fleet and parking services; finance and budget, emergency management, and human resources.  Mr. Mitchell has also worked in heavy industrial engineering and construction on international projects with firms including Bechtel, Parsons, Balfour, Alcoa, and BHP.  Mr. Mitchell has owned three of his own companies and has worked in commercial, industrial and institutional management and construction in Australia, Oregon, Washington State, California, and New York.

Key Areas of Responsibility
As the Assistant Vice President for University Facilities, Mr. Mitchell oversees all Capital Planning, Construction, Space Planning, and Physical Plant services for the 3 City University.

He also serves on university-wide committees.

Professional Memberships
National Fire Prevention Association, NFPA
Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, APPA
Fellow, American Leadership Forum, AFL