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Jill Jamieson, Managing Director, JLL Public Institutions
P3 and the new Administration – Where Are We Heading
The new administration built its platform on investment and infrastructure. Although specific details are still developing, the emerging policy is expected to be beneficial for the P3 market. So what are the possible scenarios and opportunities and challenges that come with each? In this session, we’ll investigate the effect of a potential massive infusion of private capital at the federal, state and local level, the legislative policy and constraints impacting P3s, and possible solutions or methods to address these challenges.


Dale Bonner, Executive Chairman, Plenary Concessions
A Year in Perspective – What to Watch
As part of the opening session, the Executive Chairman of one of North America’s leading P3 investors will provide a review of the most notable developments that shaped the public-private partnership landscape in the past year; while also addressing some of the major political, policy, and project developments that will define the U.S. P3 experience in 2017.



Daniel Feitelberg, Vice Chancellor, University of California, Merced
A New Chapter for Procurement in Higher Education
When UC Merced broke ground on its 2020 Project last year, it opened a new chapter for procurement in American public higher education. The UC Merced 2020 Project is an ambitious $1.3 billion P3 expansion of the youngest University of California campus, located in the San Joaquin Valley, the heart of “underinvested California.” Vice Chancellor Daniel Feitelberg will share why UC Merced is choosing an integrated delivery strategy through a public-private partnership and some of the lessons they have learned along the way.


Michael Likosky, Heads of Infrastructure Practice, 32 Advisors

Rapid Growth is on its Way

Michael is widely recognized as a pre-eminent expert on P3s and has over fifteen years of experience providing advice to many of our nation’s leaders and is an expert to the United Nations, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the US Treasury Department . Michael’s conversation will focus around the direction of the US P3 market across sectors and the country.